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KBB manufactures exhaust-gas turbochargers with axial and radial turbines for medium-speed and high-speed diesel and gas engines for marine applications, generator stations and locomotive construction. KBB's exhaust-gas turbochargers can be used in the output range from 500 to 4,800 kW.

We have developed seven generations of one-stage exhaust-gas turbochargers and manufactured more than 60,000 of them in Bannewitz between 1953 and the present day. Today we are working on the eighth generation, the first series of two-stage exhaust-gas turbochargers.

turbocharger ST7
ST7 exhaust-gas turbocharger from the ST series
two stage turbocharger HPA7000 & HSR6
HPA7000 & HSR6 exhaust-gas turbocharger from the K2B series